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  Like a flag, the culture guides us and coheres with us. The rapidly-growing Xindafeng successively formed its own distinctive culture to inject an infinite vigor.
  The company stressed mutual development—mutual development with employee, interested part, the industry, and the entire society. Excellent culture makes us own the broader mind, opener thought, more resolute execution, and more cohesive team.

Cultural Concept
  Psychical cultural concept blended in our mind, reflected in complete service and vigorous style and inspired us to make progresses constantly.
Value: Responsibility Development All-win
  Responsibility For a company, it reflects in the responsibility for society, making maximum economic benefits and due contributions to the social economic development and performing social responsibility; it reflects in the responsibility for employee and the company is responsible for staff to obtain guarantees of various benefits; it reflects in responsibility for customers, establishing sincere reciprocal cooperative relationships with partners.
  Development reflects in the mutual development between the company and society, the company and the entire chemical industry, the company and partner, as well as the company and employees, pushing the social development by company development, driving employee’s development by company development and taking employee’s development (ability improvement and life level enhancement) as the foundation.
  All-win is the objective of development and responsibility is the foundation of development. The company would like to develop and gain benefit with related partners mutually. The development of the company is mostly attributed to the employee. Because the company and employee are related by benefit and common destiny, only both the company and staff performing its own responsibility can achieve mutual development and all-win.
Spirit: Integrity Quality Innovation Excellence
  Integrity One can’t stand without integrity, which is the direct responsibility of the core value for the company. Over the years, the company has been keeping its integrity to the society: to lawfully pays tax, perform various obligation, and abide by various rules; to partners: to adhere to the principle of mutual trusts and benefits in cooperation with other companies to establish a long-term cooperation; to its customers: to ensure product quality and pay attention to after-sales service; to staff: to protect their lawful rights, treasure talents and lay stress on talent exploration and talent quality training; and also integrity is reflected in its staff: to the company and to their colleagues. They also advocate teamwork and place team objectives in the first place.
  Quality The value requires the company to place quality in the first place. Without quality we can’t realize responsibility and all-win. Quality is the foundation of improving core competitiveness, reflects in product quality first to improve competitiveness by ensuring product quality. Quality first reflects in product quality first and the staff plunges into work in a positive and active attitude and finishes work with high quality in a high efficiency. Quality also reflects in service consciousness for customers and colleagues.
  Innovation Innovation is the basic way to development. Over the years, by virtue of rich experience of chemical industry, the company constantly opens business thinking, unceasingly extends product chains, enlarges business scopes and will establish its own international logistics center and bonded warehouse, capable of providing all-sided one-package import & export services for customers.
  Excellence Over the years, the company never ceases progressing on the road of excellence and the spirit of excellence penetrates in every vein of development. The company pursues excellent product, excellent management, and excellent services and aims at customer’s satisfaction.

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